Serving the Recording and Movie industries for over 25 years!

About Us

LAFX started renting audio equipment to major recording studios, record producers, engineers and movie production studios in 1988. That was the beginning of over 20 years of quality service, which has expanded to the home studio market. By 1994 we had collected so much great audio equipment that we decided to purchase a console and open the doors of LAFX recording studio. The studio already had a history including such artists Prince, Thomas Dolby, Neil Schon from Journey and was the original NRG Recording studio.

Today, LAFX is known for being a top tier rental equipment facility and recording studio. Our studio is home to a vintage API console with Flying Faders, rebuilt by Brent Averill and has been upgraded and maintained by finest equipment technicians in Los Angeles. We have consistently been told we have one of the "truest" sounding mixing rooms in Southern California. Rental and recording projects range from classical to hip hop, rock to pop and from stereo to 5.1

We are proud to say that the vision of our client's projects range from small independent productions to Grammy nominated, gold and platinum recordings.

Our studio and rental equipment represents the best possible combination of vintage analog and cutting edge digital audio. Our studio rooms are perfect for situations from solo composers to rock bands and jazz ensembles. We have had some of the world's finest studio musicians offer us praise for the sound of our live rooms.

Whether you are working at LAFX Studio or another studio, our staff is always capable of helping you achieve superior recordings. Great results at great prices at LAFX.